Friday, April 15, 2011

Croque Madame

I was in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich.  Tony was in the mood for an egg sandwich.  I combined the two and made Croque Madame.  It's pretty much a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top.

I made them with cheddar cheese and turkey, but you can use what ever meat and cheese you have available. They were easy to make which is great for busy week night dinners or weekend brunch.  We both loved them.  These are going to be on the menu again in the near future.

 Croque Madame

•2 slices of bread

•3-4 thin slices of deli ham

•cheddar cheese

•mayonnaise (optional)

•butter, softened

•1 egg

Assemble your sandwich as usual. Two pieces of your favorite bread (mine is Oat Nut) slathered on the inside with mayo. On one side neatly place your sharp cheddar, on the other your thinly sliced deli ham. Sandwich them together and butter the outside. Place in a pan on medium high heat until the bread turns golden and crispy and the cheese melts. Once the sandwich is browned and golden, remove from pan and place on a plate. Immediately start cooking your egg. I like mine fried with a runny center. Cook your egg to your liking and place on top of your hot sandwich. Pierce the yolk and watch it ooze over the edge into a golden puddle

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