Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oreo Truffels, worth fighting over !!

Two of the men I work with, well three really, have been wanting me to make my cake bites again.  One wants them exactly the way I made them the first time.  The second one wants me to make them with oreos instead of cake.  The third one just wants them and doesn't care which way I make them.  I was rather torn about this, but I decided to make the Oreo ones.  I like to make new things and I have never made them with cookies before.  I know Tony would love the Oreo ones also, especially if I made them with mint Oreos. 

Once again I went to Bakerellas great site and made her Oreo Truffels.  I think Taylor will love the name of these. LOL.  I made regular and mint.  I dipped them both in regular and white chocolate. 

I need a better camera, (feel free to send me one !!) but if you look really hard, you can see the green mint crushed Oreos on top the mint truffels.  They turned out really good.  Tony loved both of them.  So did the guys at work.  I brought in 40 of them and they were gone by 8:30 a.m.  I seriously thought they were going to start fist fighting over them, but they settled it like men do and arm wrestled for the last one.  I think I need to start charging for these.  I could take a nice vacation with the money (or buy a nicer camera) !!!!

You can go to Bakerellas site for the recipe, if I get to many request, I will post it !! 

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