Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its my birthday and I made myself a treat :)

When it's your birthday and you live with 2 men you either get a walmart cake, or you make your own.  I decided to be a little different.  I didn't want the traditional birthday cake.  I'm rebellious like that. So I made Bakerella's cake balls.  She has a great site here.  Cake balls, I know what a name.  Taylor asked me what I was making and I said "cake balls".  He started laughing.  Then his friend Noah asked what I was making.  Again I said "cake balls".  They both started to laugh.  I asked what was so funny.  Taylor said, "don't call them balls, call them something else".  Just what a 10 year old boy would say and do. Just so I don't embarrass Taylor anymore, I will call them cake bites.  That is a great way to describe them.  I made them with white cake, white frosting and dipped them into milk chocolate.  YUMMY.

They are only 2 bites. 

They are delicious. 

They are addicting.
They are all MINE.
Except for the 10 Tony and Taylor already ate.
OHHH, and the 3 Kandi ate,
and the 3 Bubba ate.
They must be good, Bubba asked me to make him 2 dozen more,
he said 3 was just a tease :)

At lease I don't have to make dinner tonight.
My men are taking me out !!!
 Yeah.....Happy Birthday to me !!!!!!!!


  1. Now if you had made them with red velvet cake I would be impressed!! LOL!! Those balls look delicious!! LOL!! Oh I mean bites!!


  2. Sherie, you need to make them with red velvet cake and send them to me !! Then I would love you forever LOL. I am going to make them with nutterbutter's and dip them in chocolate this weekend. Thay are the BOMBDIGGITY as one installer said today :)